2022 H2_Phase 1

Make the data decentralized to let the users owns data.

Milestone 1

  • Write and read data on KV Storage Shard Chains
  • Accounting and bill on Lazy Settlement Chain
  • Multi-nodes dev network is online
  • KV storage shard chains are compatible with the Ethereum signature
  • Dapp demo is online
  • V1 explorer is online: bills / transactions / blocks / data status
  • Developer tool of Client and DB3.js are packed

Milestone 2

  • Account management on Main chain
  • Proposal new blocks and elect leaders between the Main chain and side KV Storage Shard Chains works
  • Synchronize data tools between MySQL and DB3 are compatible with the public chains
  • V2 explorer is online: address balance / bill settlement

Milestone 3

2023 H1_Phase2

Programable data virtual machine (DVM) and permission control

2023 Phase 3

Data privacy
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