What is db3.js

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db3.js is the db3 network javascript API and you can use it to write and query JSON documents against the db3 network. and you can build fully decentralized applications combining web3.js and db3.js

Getting Started

Install db3.js

yarn add db3.js

Quick Started

// create a account
const account = createRandomAccount()
// create the client from db3 cloud sandbox
const client = createClient('https://rollup.cloud.db3.network',
await syncAccountNonce(client)
// get the collection
const collection = await getCollection("0x6ef32f0d8fc6bc872ffa977eb80920a0a75d0206", "book", client)
// add a document
const {id} = await addDoc(collection, {
name:"The Three-Body Problem",
rate:"4.8"} as Book)
// query the document
const resultSet = await queryDoc<Book>(collection, "/[author=Cixin-Liu]")

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